How To Read This Blog (order/archive)

NOTE: This philosopher is currently using all her available brain power to write up her PhD. Not long to go now! But for the next little while she will not be writing any new posts for How To Be a Philosopher. In the meantime, you can enjoy the old editions, and look forward to the exciting editions to come – soon-ish…

You are welcome to read this blog how you wish.

Nevertheless, it is designed to be read in serial, with each new monthly edition following on (somehow) from the previous. Here is the story so far collected in reading order. You can follow the links to start at the start or dip in where you please.

  1. Philosophy is DEAD! (September 2015)
  2. Know Thyself (October 2015)
  3. What are we doing and why are we doing it? (November 2015)
    • Special Edition: My Philosopher to be (World Philosophy Day 19/11/2015; reposted, International Women’s Day 8/03/2016)
  4. No Arguing Here! (December 2015)
  5. The Rights and Wrongs of Ignorance: First the Wrongs (January 2016)
  6. The Rights and Wrongs of Ignorance: Now the Rights (February 2016)
  7. Yeah, but I’m not smart enough (March 2016)
  8. Interlude… (April 2016)
  9. The Virtuous Change their Mind (May 2016)
  10. The Art of Listening (June 2016)
  11. Beware of Philosophers bearing Trojan Horses (July 2016)
  12. A Philosopher’s First Birthday (September 2016)
  13. I don’t know anything about…but I know what I like. (October 2016)
  14. Who needs an expert, anyway? (November 2016)
  15. The Best Worst Mistakes of my Life (December 2016)
  16. It only really happens when you don’t realise… (February 2017)