About – An Everyperson Monthly on Philosophical Practice

Welcome. This blog is about being a philosopher. It focuses on the practice of philosophy, rather than its content. Though at times it will be impossible to tell the difference. It is for Everyperson, that is, the typical human being, the typical rational animal (not just Man), which may or may not include the atypical philosophical animal. Nevertheless, hopefully all are intrigued, humoured, and challenged by it. Published as a serial, optimistically, there will be a new entry on the 1st of the month, every month. Please start with Philosophy is DEAD!

Kathrine is a philosopher, in training. She is working at her PhD, in cafes mostly, but also at a university. She thinks hard about the ideas of others with the ambition of having some of her own. She has lived on a farm, in a share house, on a boat, and now in a basement by the sea. And hopes to walk the world, without and within.


The sea that the basement is by.


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