You may have noticed that it is now well into April, and alas, no new post. And, despite vague promises of a late edition, this is to let you know that there will not be one at all. (Technically, yes pedants, this is a ‘blog post’; but you know what I mean.)

Two reasons.

One is that I just need a rest. I have Chronic Fatigue. It means that pretty regularly, though not that predictably, I get inexplicably, indescribably fatigued. The effect ranges from a slight slowing down to full immobility. Unfortunately, at the time I had planned to be writing my April post I have been stuck in bed watching unending hours of iPlayer and strategising how find enough energy to tend to my bodily functions (yes, this is actually as boring and irritating as you are thinking).

Unless you’ve experienced it yourself, it is literally indescribable because this fatigue is NOTHING like any sort of tired you (and me) otherwise get, it is not like when you just need more sleep, nor from working too hard, nor being other ills, not even like the depths of a depressive episode. Since it is a little discussed and largely misunderstood condition, I thought it worth letting you know this about me. Most importantly, I wanted to show that having chronic fatigue does not stop me being a philosopher. I may not always have enough brain power to complete a sentence but that does not preclude me from thinking philosophically, indeed, working in philosophy.

Professional philosophy, like professions generally, is still pretty rubbish at understanding how to accept and include the variously disabled. If you are interested in learning about what it is like to be in academia, specifically PhDs, with a disability or chronic illness check out PhD(isabled). And if you are a philosopher interested in access for disabled philosophers check out this important view from Zara Does Philosophy. Nevertheless, there are some very successful philosopher’s who identify as disabled. To meet some of them check out Shelley L. Tremain’s interviews Dialogues with Disability.

The other reason for no post this month is, simply, I just need more time to think about the next one to get it right. Often my ideas for this blog sit clearly in my line of sight, and to mix a metaphor, just there to be cooked up into a post. Sometimes they hang in my peripheral vision, the ingredients out but no recipe. So to continue to squeeze this mixed metaphor, I didn’t want to just blindly post something that was half-baked.

So while I am catching up with myself, I thought you might like to catch up with, or just revisit, the story so far. Here are links to the monthly post in running order:

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Special Edition: My Philosopher to be (Posted for World Philosophy Day 2015, reblogged for World Women’s Day 2016)

Next time — and there will be a next time, it should be 1 May — is the previously promised The Virtuous Change their Mind.


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